Duplicate File Finder Pro Refund Policy

We urge customers to download and test the software on their computers before purchasing the full version. Because thesoftware product is available as a demo version and therefore an opportunity exists to test the product before purchase, refunds for the software product will only be granted within 30 days of purchase if:

  1. The software product appears to be defective or is not fit for its stated purpose (as described on the website) and;
  2. This fault was not detectable in the demo version of the software, and;
  3. You have contacted us within 7 days of finding the fault and provided a full description of the problem and details of your computer (e.g. OS, processor, RAM, etc), and;
  4. Our support department has been unable to provide a fix or work-around within 14 days of you contacting us.

Generally refunds will not be offered to customers who have 'changed their minds' or made a 'mistake' when ordering software, as items are confirmed before the final purchase is made on the website. Exceptions will be made for inadvertent 'double orders'.

Process for Requesting a Refund

  1. Contact us with the following information:
    • The order number on which the product was sold.
    • Information as to the reason why you are seeking a refund.
    • Details of any technical correspondence you may have had with us.
    • A signed statement that you will uninstall the software and remove it from your computer (can be faxed to us at +1-866-305-6244).
  2. We will process the request and contact you within 5 working days.
  3. If the request for a refund is approved, then a credit will be made to your credit card for the purchase amount of the software within 7 working days.